Welcome to the Hudson County APA.

league operators Gary Barsky and Bob Vandertoorn. Any questions or concerns feel free to contact the below at the following numbers:
Gary Barsky: 201.674.2908
Bob Vandertoorn: 201.424.4808
 League Reps (9-ball)
812 Steve Mocarski  (JC)  201-600-4891  
   email (stevendm316@hotmail.com)
813  Rich Ensmenger Jr (JC) 973-418-9937
   email  PYRO4381@aol.com 
831 Ron Podlinski Jr  201-401-7059
   email lrpodx@msn.com 
432/823 Ron Tarr  (HiTech) 973-634-6495
   email  poolshootr@hotmail.com
League Reps (8-ball) 
 211 Ed Conklin Jr.(Bayonne) 201-522-6722
   email  lilec66@aol.com
221 Joann Mastromona  (Bayonne) 201-920-4286
   email imastrom1969@yahoo.com 
271 Ed Conklin (Bayonne) 973-454-5587
   email dare899@optonline.net
230 Robert Fdyfil (JC) 201-920-9966
   email rfdyfil@gmail.com
231 Mike Beck (JC) 201-780-2140
   email mbeck666@yahoo.com
233 Steve Kubes (JC) 973-787-5787
   email stevekubes@aol.com 
235 Adam DeCicco (Hoboken) 201-388-6428
   email  mssbadam@gmail.com
236 Theron Steiner (Hoboken)  201-452-9077
   emai tsjammer@yahoo.com
222/632  Karen Freire (Weehawken) 201-916-4637
   email  freire_karen@Hotmail.com 
Hudson County 2014 Calendar of Events 
 May 10th Spring wild Card Draw and Jack & Jill 8-ball Tournament
   At Guys & dolls, $60.00 per Team. Doors open 9AM, Start at 10AM
   Winners awarded trip to Vegas for Aug 17-19 Tournament. 
May 18th will start the 2014 summer session  
   Wildcard draw will be the 30th of August,  Playoff 8/31-9/6.
May 31st  8-Ball Tri-cup held at Guys & Dolls

  Doors open 9am, Start time 10AM

June 1st    9-Ball Tri-Cup held at PD Billiards

   Doors open 9am,  start time 10am

June 8th will be the 9-ball Gold Cup (HLT) at Guys and Dolls
     Doors open 9am,  Start time 10am
     2 winners awarded trip to Vegas for Aug 14-18 9-ball tournament 
June 14th will be the 8-ball Gold Cup (HLT) at Guys and Dolls
    doors open 9am, start time 10am
    3 winners awarded trip to Vegas for aug 17-23 8-ball tournament 

Spring Session 2014

The Spring Session starts on 1/5/2014 and completes 5/7/2014.
The only holiday off this session is Easter Sunday, April 20th.. 
Sunday 271 League (17 weeks long)
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Leagues (18 weeks long).
Position week will be the last week (Sunday, May 4th - 7th).  
Highest Rank team (1,3,5,7,9,11,13) will have home games.
May 10th will be the wild card draw.  Location unknown.
   Playoff will be May 11th-17th. 
The Spring Tri-cup will be held May 31st (8-ball) and June 1st (9-ball) at PD's or Guys and Dolls 

Fall Session 2013

All Teams that have advanced to the Gold-Cup from the Fall and 
  Summer Sessions. 
Wednesday 9-ball 831  Omies Homies, Summer Session
Wednesday 9-ball 831 Post Aproclypse   Fall Session 
Sunday 8-Ball 27102  U Know 2   Fall Session
Sunday 8-ball 27104  Sunday School,  Summer Session
Sunday 8-ball 27107  Chances Are   Fall Session
Sunday 8-ball 27101  U Know, Summer Session 
Tuesday 8-Ball 22109 The Jolly Corks   Fall Session
Monday 8-ball 21110   Its been a Long week, Summer Session
Monday 8-ball 21102 JR's R US,  Summer Session
Tuesday 8-ball 22104 Eddie & the Ball Busters, Summer Session
Tuesday 8-ball 22103 Ebony Express, Summer Session

JC / UC / NB / Secaucas / Guttenberg

Monday 9-ball 81208 Bobby Dee's, Fall Session
Monday 9-ball 81205 Bad Intentions, Fall Session
Monday 9-ball 81302 WaWa Scouts,  Fall Session
Monday 9-ball 81305   The Gang, Summer Session
Wednesday 8-ball 23004 All in the Family, Fall Session
Wednesday 8-ball 23002 Cant Blame Me, Fall Session
Wednesday 8-ball 23103 MoJo Mania, Summer Session
Wednesday 8-ball 23302 WaWa Tribe   Fall session 


Wednesday 8-ball 23607 Team Phoenix, Fall Session 
Wednesday 8-ball 23604 Northern Soul  Fall session 
Belleville-Guys and Dolls
Tuesday 9-ball 82304 Annilhil8ors,  Summer Session
Tuesday 9-ball 82301 Arsenal, Summer Session

Wednesday 9-ball 43206 Barely Legal, Summer Session

 Wednesday 9-ball 43205 Stick-n-Stones  fall session
Tuesday 8-ball 22201 Arsenal, Summer Session
MVP's  (JC/UC/NB/Secaucas/Guttenburg
812-Monday 9-ball      SL-6  Maurice Acuna       6-3  MoJo Screwballs
                                 SL-5 Mike Beck              9-1  Come back kids
                                 SL-3 Lorren Walker        12-2  Bad Intentions
813-Monday 9-ball      SL-6 Greg Costanza       11-3 WaWa Warriors
                                 SL-4 David Acosta           9-2 WaWa Tribe
                                 SL-2 Chris Boro's           10-5 WaWa Tribe
230-Wednesday 8-ball SL-7  Edgar Borda           9-4 Invincible 8
                                 SL-5 Luis Vasquez          7-2  Cobra's 8ball
                                 SL-3 Tom Brazicki           8-2  All in the Family
231-Wednesday 8-ball SL-6 Wilfredo Cruz         10-2 MoJo Mania
                                 SL-5 A. Azcarate             9-2 Tropical Dream Shooterz
                                 SL-3 Marielle Boswell       7-2  Str8 Shooters 
233-Wednesday 8-ball SL-7 Steven Macarski      7-3 All In
                                 SL-5 Honorio Sanchez      7-2 Lunar-Tix
                                 SL-3 Carlos Arias           10-3 Bowl Rite #2
MVP Bayonne 
271-Sunday 8-ball       SL-6 Daniel Berra           7-3 You Know
                                 SL-5 Sergio Rodriquez    7-2 Chances Are
                                 SL-3 Mark Fischer          8-1 You Know
211-Monday 8-ball      SL-6 Daniel Spagolo        8-1 Still working on it
                                 SL-5 Rich Malia              13-1 Urban Rednecks
                                 SL-3 Robet Vesce           9-2 Post Commandos
221-Tuesday 8-ball     SL-6 Iggy Ingrassia          10-4 Jacks    
                                SL-5 Felix Lopez               8-2 O-So-Nice
                                SL-3 Holly Memoli             8-4 Pocket Jacks
831-Wednesday 9-ballSL-6 Ed ConklinJR            6-3 Good Thinking
                                SL-6 James Fogler            6-3 Very Not So Bad
                                SL-4 Austin Bishop          11-2 Omies Homies
                                SL-2 Marian Gallagher        7-3 Very Not So Bad
MVP Hoboken 
235-Wednesday 8-ballSL-6 Jeff Dworzanski         9-2 Nice Rack
                                SL-4 Jim Foote                  8-1 Crispy Nuggets
                                SL-3 Chris Gibson            12-1 Mello Yello
236-Wednesday 8-ballSL-6 Nelson Hernandez       9-2 Iron Pickle
                                SL-5 Mark Lavey               10-2 Iron Pickle
                                SL-3 Nicki Dailey                6-4 Iron Pickle
                                SL-3 Phil Tham                   6-4 Octopi First Street
MVP Weehawken
222-Tuesday 8-ball      SL-6 John Peselli               9-4 Arsenal
                                 SL-5 Pranshu Tripathi        11-2 Jesus Team
                                 SL-3 Sonya Cerda             10-3 Arsenal
823-Tuesday 9-ball      SL-7 Pablo Parades            6-3 Annilhil8orz
                                 SL-5 Pranshu Tripathi          9-4 Jesus Team
                                 SL-3 Kele Munoz                7-2 Arsenal
432-Wednesday 9-ball SL-7 James Roofe              9-4 Barely Legal
                                 SL-4 Gene Tulchin              7-2 Who dares wins
                                 SL-3 Joe Civadelic              10-4 Sticks'n Stones
632-Wednesday 8-ball SL-6 Larry Chandler            9-3 Barely Legal
                                 SL-5 Gerard Joe           6-3 Gary's Team Wednesday
                                 SL-3 Joe Civadelic               5-6 Sticks'n Stones


Summer MVP Winners

Here are the Summer Session MVP Winners: (Coming Soon)

National Singles Champion - Eddie Conklin, Jr

Eddie Conklin, Jr, from Bayonne, just won the 2013 National Singles Championship in Las Vegas. He won the 9-ball skill level 5 tier. Please join us in congratulating him for winning and representing everyone in the Hudson County APA. 


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How does the APA do it? It uses The Equalizer® handicap system to determine the amount of games a player has to win in order to capture the match. It allows a novice to win less games than a more-skilled opponent to win a match.


8-Ball Open, 9-Ball Open
Session starting soon! Grab some friends and family and start having fun playing pool. :)
Ask me how to qualify for the National tournaments in Vegas!


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April 2014
Events for the Next Month
Date Description
04/30/14 - 05/02/14 APA 8-Ball Doubles
05/01/14 - 05/03/14 APA 9-Ball Doubles
05/01/14 - 05/04/14 APA National Singles Championships
05/01/14 - 05/03/14 APA National Singles Championships - MiniMania
05/03/14 - 05/04/14 APA Wheelchair Challenge