Welcome to the Hudson County APA.

 .League Operators
Gary Barsky and Bob Vandertoorn
 Feel free to contact the below at the following numbers
Gary Barsky: 201.674.2908
Bob Vandertoorn: 201.424.4808
League Reps 
812 Steve Mocarski  (JC)  201-600-4891  
   email (stevendm316@hotmail.com)
813  Rich Ensmenger Jr (JC) 973-418-9937
   email  PYRO4381@aol.com 
831 Ron Podlinski Jr  201-401-7059
   email lrpodx@msn.com 
222/823 Greg Jefferies 201-205-5611
 211 Ed Conklin Jr.(Bayonne) 201-522-6722
   email  lilec66@aol.com
221 Joann Mastromona  (Bayonne) 201-920-4286
   email imastrom1969@yahoo.com 
271 Ed Conklin (Bayonne) 973-454-5587
   email dare899@optonline.net
232 Robert Fdyfil (JC) 201-920-9966
   email rfdyfil@gmail.com
233 Steve Kubes (JC) 973-787-5787
   email stevekubes@aol.com 
235 Adam DeCicco (Hoboken) 201-388-6428
   email  mssbadam@gmail.com
236 Theron Steiner (Hoboken)  201-452-9077
   emai tsjammer@yahoo.com
222/823 Merrill Rollins 201-320-8055
  2016 - 2017 Calendar of Events 
Tri-Cup 8-ball will be played at PD billiards, Sept 24, 11am start
    9-ball at PDs, Oct 1st, 11am start 
  The Fall Session will begin Sept 11th, ending the week of Dec 21st
15 week schedule.  Position week is the last week
The Wildcard draw will be at:
    PD Billiards, tuesday Dec. 20th after their match
    Snug Harbor, wednesday Dec 21st
        after Harrison/Kearney match 
   The tri-cup for Fall Session for 8-ball Jan 21st
      9-ball will be Jan 28th 
   The Spring Session will begin Jan 2nd 2017. 


for the 8-ball & 9-ball GOLD CUP
2nd Chance teams that were picked by us to fill open slots
To Qualify: 
Teams must have played all 3 sessions and are currently
playing in  this summer session 
Summer 2016 Gold-Cup teams (high-lighted below)
81306 Bowl-Rite 9-ball
81307 Outsiders
81305 Thanks to Us
81402 Antonio's Team
81404 Fireballs
81405 9-Ball...What 
81408 McSwiggins
83107 Beauteous & the Beasts
83105 All White w/a Token
83110 Omies Homies 
82301 Scratch This
82303 Pool Tang Clan
21107 Beauteous & the Beast
21105 God save the Queen
21106 Urban Rednecks
22106 Go Teeem
22104 DiGiorgios Fierce 8      oct 1st 
22205 Bills 8-Ball
22201 Scratch This 
23210 BC taken Over
23203 O We 2 Slk 4 U
23202 Bobby Dees Nuts
23306 All in the Family   oct 1st
23305 The PolaRicams
23510 Breaking Bad
23504 Nice Rack
23503 Crispy Nuggets
23507 Elks 74                 oct 1st
23804 Manor Lounge 8-ball
23803 Jimmys 8-ball        oct 1st
27103 Bad Boyz & Bad Girlz
27108 Very Fregan Lucky





National Singles Champion - Eddie Conklin, Jr

Eddie Conklin, Jr, from Bayonne, just won the 2013 National Singles Championship in Las Vegas. He won the 9-ball skill level 5 tier. Please join us in congratulating him for winning and representing everyone in the Hudson County APA. 


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