Beginners Wanted

If you say "I am not good enough to play", then you are perfect for the APA.
The majority of the APA consists of beginner to intermediate players.  It is a handicapped league, which results in all players having an equal chance to win.  Teams are always looking for beginners (players with a lower handicap rating).
While playing a league match, a player may call a time-out and ask for help from another player on their team.  This can include where to place the cue ball, which ball to shoot at, where to aim, how hard to hit it, etc.  Each player may call time-out once per game.  Players with a lower handicap rating (skill level) may use their time-out twice per game.
As players continue to compete within the APA, they naturally get better.  This is because you are taking a person from playing once every month or two, to playing once a week or more.  As a team's players get better, they are always in need of newer players who will have a lower skill level.  This is due to the system we use called The Equalizer.  This prevents teams from being made up of all higher skilled players.
The bottom line is that teams always need beginners.  The APA is all about going out and having a good time, meeting people, and playing pool.  The teams that win are not necessarily the teams with the best pool players.  The teams that have a good mix of beginner and internediate players, and who get along and enjoy each other's company, and who play well together as a team will more often than not win their division and possibly a trip to Las Vegas.